We deliver innovative products and processes that provide durable, high performance, cost-effective safety and/or aesthetic surfacing solutions.

All our High Friction Surfacing (HFS) products are installed to an appropriate European Standard, Industry Certified Quality Plan, or Proprietary Specification. Our specially trained contracting crews use the latest modern machinery and techniques to lay these surface treatments.

HFS, commonly termed anti-skid, consists of 1-3mm calcined bauxite aggregate (PSV+70 & SRV+65). It is applied to a bituminous surfacing in two ways, as hot applied or a cold applied system.

For over 50-years HFS has reduced skid related accidents, reducing wet weather accidents by 57% (TRL Research – BRF Road fact 1997).

Typical locations for HFS installation are high-risk locations:

  • Approaches to roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and junctions
  • Sites with steep gradients
  • Dangerous bends

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Technical Information:

Hot applied is a thermoplastic resin screed, consisting of a pre-mixed resin binder matrix incorporating calcined bauxite aggregate.

Cold applied is when a ‘scatter coat’ of calcined bauxite aggregate dressing is laid upon a layer of thermosetting resin.

Either buff coloured or mid to dark grey bauxite can be used.

We do not recommend pigmentation if wishing to achieve a coloured HFS as grinning/shadow from the natural bauxite colouration occurs over time within the wheel tracks. Quotation marks

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